Feb 12, 2013

Heart Felt Trees


If you follow Maka'z Home on Facebook then you have seen these cute trees that I duplicated from those crafty girls over at Lollyjane.  See their trees that I duplicated here.

I had a few scrap pieces left over from this valentine project idea I got from those creative ladies over at lollyjane.  Something my daughter and I got to work on together.

   See the shiny hearts I used to top the tree, those were thanks to +Lolly Jane . Thanks chika!

So took the leftover scraps and cut hearts out of red felt and pink felt.  I made the hearts all different sizes.  Looking back now, probably look a little better more uniformed.  Ups to you.  Had 2 styrofoam cones from the dollar store as well as the candle stick bases from the dollar store.  Used sewing needles to poke the upsode down hearts into the styrofoam.  It helps to leave the packaging on the cone incase you need to hot glue some hearts into place.

Taa daaaahhh!  Took less than an hour to put together once the hearts where all cut out.  Less than $3 dollars to make each tree.  S C O R E !!

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