Feb 21, 2013

Bookcase reveal

OMG!  Have you seen the bookcase reveal from the talented Kelli over at Lollyjane?  Her bookcase turned out ahhhmaaazzing! {to say the least}  It looks so clean, crisp, neat, well organized, and just plain gorgeous!  Love the pops of colors in all her display items.  Great job chika!

I will be drooling over this for the rest of who knows how long....

Aloha~ Makalani ~Life is Good~


  1. Thanks for the shout out, girl! XO

  2. Hi Makalani, thanks for visiting and letting me know that you are following. It was so easy to find your blog and now I am following right back.

  3. Oh Great - another thing for me to drool over LMHO - it's gorgeous - just gorgeous! ( and most definitely drool worthy )
    Came by to thank you for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog


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