Feb 13, 2013

Bursting Felt Heart

Here's a cute project that I got to work on with my 9 year old daughter.  It was nice being able to see her take an interest in crafts.  Duplicated from here.  I'm telling you those girls are awesome.
1.  I cut  hearts out of red and pink felt pieces.  You can get these in single sheets at most craft stores for less than $.40 each.  I got 5 to 6 hearts out of each sheet.


2.  I put 1 pink and 1 red hearts together and punched holes around the edge of the heart.  Be carfeul not to get to close too the edge.  This helped my daughter stitch the twine around the edge of the heart.  She made sure to leave a big enough hole to pour the m&m's inside.

3.  Pour m&m's in the heart.  Finish stitiching the heart closed.  She just tied it off with a bow.

She made these for her cousins and we got them mailed off.  She is so excited.  She is making sure that they knew she made it and that it is from her.  


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