Mar 14, 2013

St Patrick's Day Banner

It seems that I don't have as much decorations for St Paddy's day. It gave me a good excuse to use up these pages that have been hanging on to the bindings of one of my daughters reads.

So easy and I had everything on hand so I was able to put it all together in less than a half hour. WooooHoooo! Don't you just love easy? And Cheap?

Just a few items are needed.
1.  Book Pages!  duh?  2.  Glue Gun & Sticks  3.  Scissors
4.  Twine  5.  Shamrocks
I picked my shamrocks up last year for the dollar store and never knew what to do with them.  Mine were foam, but you could easily do it out of paper.

See that shamrock board up top?  Another addition I added.  Stay tuned for that one tomorrow.  So,
1. cut triangle out of book pages  2.  Cut twine to length desired
3.  Adhere shamrocks to book pages  4.  Space out shamrock penants along twine as desired and adhere to twine.  Taadaaah!

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