Feb 1, 2011


So, remember when I was telling you about this swap a few weeks ago.  What a success!  These are truly fun and I consider these gals my friend even if I only know them in blogland.

It's funny, cuz I will be explainging something to a real life in person friend about one fo my blog friends and they will ask me how I know this person, and then I have to explain, well I don't really know this person, but it is one of the blogs that I follow and I feel like these great women are friends.  Do you ever find youself trying to explain a blog friend?
Anyway, so this is the stuff I got from my Valentines Swapper.  I Love, this apron, I have always wanted an apron and since I don't sew, well I was just hoping one would fall out of the sky.  And Look!  It did.  Thank you again Julie L.

And these are sneak peak pics of what I sent my swapper.  I totally forgot to take a pic of everything I sent.  I hope she enjoys it. 

Go here to see more about the swap and joining.

I like to party with these special people and you should too!

Aloha~ Makalani ~Life is Good~

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