Oct 9, 2013

Lavender Bath Salts


I'm back briefly checking in to see how things are going on around here.  I'm sad to say that nothing much has been done.  I have entered my Junior year at ASU this semester and the school work load is unreal to say the least.  But I'm pushing thru.  Almost half way thru this first semester at ASU and I found a little breathing room.  Enough time to get in a little creativity to share with you.

I've been learning about essential oils and how to incorporate them into my family and I daily lives.  So because of my new found admiration for these oils I searched pinterest to find some inspiration that I can use my oils for.  Today I am sharing the first concoction I experimented with.

I purchased some dead sea salts to make with doterra's lavender EO which you can purchase here.  I used 2 pounds of salt and mixed about 40-50 drops of the lavender.  After mixing the oil and salts so they were well blended in a mixing bowl  I wanted to add some color.  I ended up using food coloring for this process.  A few drops of this stuff goes a long way.  I used around 6 drops to a 3rd of the salts as I divided into 3 different colors.  Of course the darker you want the color the more drops.  Always best to go with less drops and gradually add 2 drops at a time until you are satisfied with the color.  It's easy to add, not so easy to take away coloring.  I let the salts sit over night in a sealed container so that the color could distribute evenly.  I love how they turned out.  The scent was strong at first once I opened the container, but settles soon after.  I have yet to soak in a bath with them, I will need to come back and update my post once I do that. 

I love the colors the salts turned out to be.  Reminds me of summer, although it is coming to an end.  I'll be able to remember summer with these salts all winter. 
Time to get back to the books.  Stay tuned soon for more adventures in creativity and in  meantime stop by at a few of these parties to get more inspiration. 

~Aloha, Makalani


  1. Hi Makalani! I've found your useful post from Haunt it friday and I'm very happy to have found such an easy recipes for lavander scented salts! I'll try to do some as Christmast little gift: thanks for sharing! Kiki

    1. Thanks Kiki!
      Yes, that is what I was testing the recipe out for. My 10 yr old DD said the smell was strong, but once in the bath water it was fine. She also told me she almost fell asleep in the tub, but kids say the darndest things. lol :) Good luck!

  2. These look fun!! I can't remember the last time I took a relaxing bath. (I do shower daily, LOL!). This is a really great idea! :)

    1. Lol! I'm glad you shower everyday. Thanks for stopping by. It's been a while since I've had sheperd's pie, I am gonna have to try your recipe on Mama Knows Nest.


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