Sep 20, 2010

At home with my cloche

I'm back!  I think!  This is hard to get back into when you have been away so long.  I have missed everyone and all the inspiration, so I have to learn to juggle my career and my passion.  Although it seems, my career is my passion too!
Any who, so I have finally made a cloche, although it is not as big as I would have liked it, it will do and I am happy to have it. :)

I started at goodwill (my fav treasure place) and found a glass candlestick, and glass plate and the dome cover.  All were $1 each!  I took them home and gorilla glued the glass candlestick to the glass plate and let it sit over night with some weight on it.

Then took some primer to the whole thing and got this.

See those candlesticks in the background that got a makeover too!  Those are to come soon!  Stay tuned.  I then painted the entire thing black.

I found some paper doilies that I had to sit on the plate because something about spray paint and food not being a good combination. :)

I love it!  Turned out great, don't you think so?

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Life is Good~


  1. I've made one of those too. Yours turned out great!

  2. Oh boy did it turn out great...I want one of thoses....gone to the GW. Trish

  3. great job! fantastic price. I see you paint the way I do... lots of things at one time!
    thanks for linking up to my party.


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