Jul 30, 2010

Goodwill Finds All under $8

Last days to enter our Halloween Inspiration linky party going on over here.  All entries will be featured throughout September.

On Sat., July 24 my neighborhood was honored with a bigger and better Goodwill store.  I had some things to drop off and donate and while I was there I thought I would check things out.  When I dropped off my donations, I was handed a $5 coupon to take off of my total within the next couple of days.  If I didn't use it right away, it would have burned a whole in my pocket.  :)  So, I guess this might be an all the time thing. 

Anyway, I eyed this birdcage for $1.99 and just had to have it to add to my slowly growing bird home collection.  I am going to spray it black or antique white.  I post once I get it done.

I also found this globe for $7.99, but with the $5 coupon I scored for the donation, I thought I would splurge.  Now, $7.99 might be a good price for this globe, I am not sure, I just was not feeling that price and would probably not have bought it without the coupon.  I know I have seen a new one in Target for $14.99.  I have seen these globes covered in chalkboard paint throughout blog land and am planning to do just that with this globe.  But for now Miss K is enjoying seeing where we live in AZ and the distance to where her grammie lives in HI.

I also got these 3 different glass jars, all for $.99 each and have added them to my jar collection.

I am looking forward to this Goodwill's 1st 50% off sale tommorrow, July 31st.  I know I will find some great treasure and will be sure to share with all of you.

I'll be linking to some of these awesome parties here.

Aloha~ Makalani ~Life is Good~


  1. Wow, I love your finds! You sure got lucky :).

  2. Great finds!! Love the cage!


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