Jun 22, 2010

AZ Bloggers Tour de Thrift

OMG!  This was the coolest thing ever.  I had a great time, found some great deals, and met some fun and inspiring ladies!

Jax from Aly & Ash and Ashley from Cute As A Fox hosted this event.  We met this past Saturday with 36+ ladies at Mimi's Cafe in Ahwatukee and had breakfast and chatted and won prizes, tons of prizes from awesome sponsors.  We all received swag bags with tons, can I say TONS, of cool stuff in it.  Look at it all

There was Krylon spray paint, Behr paint samples, modge podge, Gorilla glue, vinyl from Choose The Writing, Glitter from the Crafty Chica, a frame from Jacquilyn at DoChara Photography, and discounts and promos codes from Simply Memzelle and Clocks by Staci as well as Goodwill.  We all received $5 gift cards from Goodwill too!

Speaking of Clocks by Staci, I was the lucky winner of her door FABU door prize.  I love it.  It goes perfect in my daughters room.  Thank you so much Staci for being a sponsor.

So, when we finally got done with the winning, we went to 3 different Goodwill stores to find treasures.  Here are the treasures that I found and did not spend {with the gift card included} more that $20.  It was 50% off day at our Arizona Goodwill stores and there were lots of deals I scored. 

Look at it all.  I forgot I bought some grey boots also that are not pictured.  Won't be doing anything to those, I love them just they way they are.

So I got this metal tray that I am going to cover either with material or paper or chalk board paint to make a board for the wall.

And I got this tray that I am going to make black with my trusty Rustoleum flat black spray.

I also got this dish that I am changing to black as well. {Do you see a pattern?}  I picked up a few different size and types of balls at the dollar store today that I am going to alter to make some deco balls that won't cost me a fortune.  Stay tuned for that one coming soon.

I also picked up this shanty box, I love the colors, but it doesn't go with anything I have right now.  It is also missing a leg.  I am going to remove the legs it does have and use it the bathroom for hand towels, toilet paper, etc.  But will have to change the color for that.  Probably to black. lol!  How boring am I?

I also picked up this stand that I am going to paint black and distress to add to my booth at Contagious Boutique to display some of my wares on.

How cute is this necklace?  I love it for a $1.

And then my all time favorite score so far, is this I don't know what you call it, but I can use it for my puter in bed, to read, or for someone to catch the hint a serve me breakfast in bed. hehehehe!  Has a few knicks and scratches, not sure what I will be doing with this one.  Definitely monogramming it, but that is all I have dreamed up for it right now.    Oh yeah, and just paid $4 for it too!

Next 50% day in Arizona is on July 3rd and I will be hitting it!

Linking to all the great sponsors and new friends that I have made.

Check out the stuff that Jamielyn over at I heart Naptime found on here trip to Goodwill this past weekend.

Aloha~ Makalani ~Life is Good~


  1. Awesome!! Glad you had fun, let me know what you do with the glitter!!!!
    Kathy ;-)

  2. Glad you had fun! Thanks for posting and sharing your treasures!!

  3. Hello! I found my way over here from Kathy's Facebook post. Love your thrifty finds! I especially love your bed tray. I have one and use it all the time. My only complaint is where to store it. It ends up on the floor next to the bed or shoved in the closet. Other than that, its one of my favorite things, especially with the storage in the sides.

  4. That breakfast-in-bed thing is really neat! Sound like so much fun! (Here from FF. :)

  5. Oh man, I am so jealous. We don't have anything that neat to go to here. So, I'm enjoying myself vicariously thru your blog post! Great finds, you scored.


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