Jun 22, 2009

Goldfield Mine Arizona

A couple of weekends ago some friends of our from Hawaii took us along on a trip to Goldfield Ghost Town. That was an adventure. It just a few miles north east of Mesa on the way to Canyon Lake. Be sure to stop by, you might be lucking enough to find some gold. There is a steak house there that hosts some of the best views for an Arizona sunset. It's called Mammoth Steakhouse. I am hoping to use a gift certificate I have in the next month. I'll let you know. We went on a mine tour deep below the earths surface with an informative guide. We were also able to hitch a ride on a train that took us around the property and gave gorgeous views of the Superstition Mountains. Our driver (what is he called?), of the train had a wealth of information about the Superstitions. I thought it was a great way to spend the afternoon, but when it gets cool again. I have lived here in Arizona now for almost 20 years and do not take advantage of the history this state has to offer.


~LIfe is Good~

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  1. How fun!! I see Bo n Wailani n Jared in the background. LOL Make shua fo tell 'em we said hi! Howzit, Maka? It's been a while. Hope to see you 'round sometime. You know I neva find the website where I got my skirt.

    Lei & Kaniala


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