Aug 9, 2010

Temple Blocks

Seriously creative!!!  I got this idea here. Seriously, this chick is chalk full of ideas. 

So I went to Home Depot and checked out their scrap wood collection.  My neighborhood Home Depot sells their scraps for $.51 a piece.  I found 1 piece and ask the employee if he could cut these 7" long.  Home Depot cuts for free if you did not know that.  I needed them to be able to fit a 4X6 picture so they ended up be roughly 5X7.
I sanded all sides down with my 3M sanding block to take most of the roughness out.

I then painted with American Black acrylic paint all of the sides and the back.

Once it was dried, I flipped it over and just painted on the outer edges and the picture was going to be covering most of the middle.

Once that dried, I covered it with good ol' Mod Podge.  I {heart} this stuff!  I then placed the picture centered on the mod podge.

I then put 2 more coats of mod podge over the whole from (picture and all) to give it a good seal.  Once it dries, you could take your 3M sanding block to the edges to distress it if you like that look.  I decided to not do that on this project.

I then added some tulle.

And tied some ribbon to the tulle.

You can find all different temple pics here with sayings or blank.

So this whole project cost me:

Copy of picture  $.20
had the mod podge, tulle, ribbon, acrylic paint
Scrap wood $.51 (I got 3 blocks out of the 1 piece of wood) so $.17ea

Thanks Lil' Luna for sharing!!!!

Aloha~ Makalani ~Life is Good~

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