Mar 26, 2009

Target deals for mesa arizona

Check out this great deal, I heard about it from coupon sense. You can check out all about it at My instructor Sue Fritz is awesome with answering any questions. I have found them to be helpful in a time where every little bit counts.

Enjoy, thanks to Janelle W.

Motts applesauce for $0.24!!! go to and click on Target coupons, scroll down to applesauce and print out 2 target coupons for $1 off (or as many as you want, but you'll only get 2 for $0.24 and the others will be $0.79) Then go to and print out the two motts coupons for $0.55 off. (note: these coupons aren't available on the target website anymore, but don't expire until 3/28, so they are still on hotcouponworld)

Pledge multi surface. I don't know the store price yet, but this should work out to be a pretty good deal. When on print out 2 $1 off target coupons for pledge multisurface. Then clip H231 $1.25off. I only have 2 of these coupons so I only printed 2 target ones, who really needs more than 2 anyway, by the time I run out there will be another deal out there.


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